5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

2022 Selections

  • Korean IP
  • Asian IP

Asian Contents & Film Market's newly introduced Busan Story Market (BSM) is an IP sales market where stories, the foundation for all content, are traded for film and audiovisual adaptations on various platforms.
Open call for Korean IP records the highest number with 70 companies submitting 201 projects. A total of 30 stellar Korean IPs, consisting of 7 books, 11 webtoons, 5 web novels, and 7 stories, with paramount potential for successful cinematic adaptation were confirmed as the final selections.
From the history and romance genre with progressive female narrative to the suspense and thriller genre that will bring intense excitement, well-made IPs accompanying creativity await in the Busan Story Market 2022.

(IP Title in alphabetical order)
No. Title Company Author Genre IP
1 Banished SAM&PARKERS KIM Doyoon Mystery, Thriller, Drama Book
2 Be a Light in the Dark Sea

*closed the deal for the audiovisual adaptation right

MUNPIA Softcoral Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Web Novel
3 Brave Love KENAZ Story: YOSIN
Art: Shoong Shoong
Romance, Drama, Coming of Age Webtoon
4 Channel_
Time of Zero
RS MEDIA M Hyun Lim Mystery, Crime, Thriller Web Novel
5 Cold Blood 1)

*closed the deal for the audiovisual adaptation right

BOOKOCEAN INC. JEON Gunwoo Thriller, Horror, Drama Book
6 Dear Telos

*closed the deal for the movie adaptation right

NABICLUB LEE Eunyoung Occult, Mystery, Romance Book
7 DIVE KYOBO BOOK CENTRE Danyo Drama, Sci-Fi, Coming of Age Book
8 The Goddess of Farming

*closed the deal for the drama series adaptation right

STUDIO YOSIN STUDIO YOSIN Romance, Fantasy Webtoon
9 Honey Muscle YJ COMICS CO. Story: AUGUST
Drama, Romance, Comedy Webtoon
10 Hwan Hon Jeon SANSUYA KIM Youngmee Drama, Mystery, Historical Drama Book
11 Laws of Rumors JAEDAM MEDIA Story: T.GREENY
Art: BBchu
Romance, Drama, Thriller Webtoon
12 LIVING IN A SHOWHOUSE GROUND MEDIA KIM Tae Kon Drama, Comedy, Crime Story
13 My Friendly Guardian ULTRAMEDIA JINI Drama, Coming of Age, Fantasy Webtoon
14 My Lovely Spring Bird SEA EDUTECH PROMISE Romance, Historical Drama, Drama Story
15 The Noble Lady next to the King STORYWIZ Danya Romance, Coming of Age, Drama Web Novel
16 Pandemonium TOYOU'S DREAM Story: Haewon
Art: KIM Banghoon
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Webtoon
17 PAYBACK MUSICWELL KIM Doyon Crime, Thriller, Fantasy Story
18 Private Lives, Checked! KENAZ Story: Liggy
Art: Wachi
Suspense, Drama, Coming of Age Webtoon
19 Reborn

*closed the deal for the audiovisual adaptation right

GOZKNOCK ENT KIM Sian Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy Book
20 Rematch TOYOU'S DREAM Story/Art:
LEE Noaan
Original Scenario:
KIM Namgyu
Action, Drama, Sports Webtoon
21 The Royal Florist in Chosun STUDIO YOSIN STUDIO YOSIN Romance, Coming of Age, Historical Drama Story
22 The Saviour : Choice of Death

*under the production for the drama series

Original Book:
LEE Dong Gun
Mystery, Crime, Thriller Story
23 The Second Life as a Newcomer JAKGA COMPANY INC. B.House Fantasy, Drama, Coming of Age Web Novel
24 Secret of the Old Camera KENAZ Story: LEE Jihyun
Drama, Coming of Age, Romance Webtoon
25 The Shaman Government Officer STUDIO LICO / NAVER WEBTOON CORP. STUDIO LICO Romance, Comedy, Thriller Story
26 Simulation EO CONTENTS GROUP SEO Saetbyeol Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi Story
27 The Tale of Witch in Joseon JOARA JEONG Rupang Drama, Romance, Fantasy Web Novel
28 Women's Murder Club in CHOSUN : Unsolved Case Files UNDERLINE CHOUNG
Myung Seob
Mystery, Historical Drama, Drama Book
29 Your Package Has Arrived JAEDAM MEDIA LEE Jongseok Thriller, Crime, Drama Webtoon
30 The Zombie Paradise WOOWA BROTHERS Eunpul Horror, Drama, Adventure Webtoon
1) Included in a book In the World of the Unkillable