5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

2014 Selections

  • Book To Film Selections

Book To Film, launched in 2012, provides an opportunity for the publishers, directors, and producers to meet and discuss the viability of adapting books into films.

* Book Title(Author), Company / In alphabetical order by title

Showbox - Showbox Choice Award / ToryComics - ToryComics Award / Union - Union SuperIP Award /
E-IP - E-IP Audience Award CREATOR - CREATOR Award

  • Closer Lee (CHOI Hoon), RHKOREA, INC.
  • High and Azure Ladder (GONG Ji Young), HANKYOREH PUBLISHING COMPANY
  • I Saw You (Story: CHOI Eunchul / Art: KANG Taeyoub), NAVER
  • Like Wolf (LEE Se-hyung), DAUM COMMUNICATIONS
  • My Neighbor Inventor (CHOI Woo Guen), BOOKGOODCOME
  • Running In May (KIM Hae Won), PRUNSOOP PUBLISHING CO., LTD.
  • The Invisible Man (SUNG Suk-je), CHANGBI PUBLISHERS, INC.
  • The Judas Star (DO Jin-ki), GOLDENBOUGH

    acquired the film adaptation right

  • The King’s Code (JOO Jin), GOZKNOCK

    acquired the drama series adaptation right

  • The 13th Month (CHON Minsik), BOOKFOLIO

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