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2022 Final Report

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Asian Contents & Film Market 2022 Final Report
ACFM 2022, Setting New Records for All Statistics

Held as the only on-site event in Asia this year, the Asian Contents & Film Market was joined by 2,465 participants from 49 countries. Compared to its most recently held on-site event in 2019, the number of participants in 2019, the number of participants increased by 12% and simultaneously recorded the highest number up to date. This demonstrates the global interest in K-Story along with the industry’s persistent demand for face-to-face business sites. The exhibition hall was buzzing with 272 organizations and companies from 22 countries, as they traded and promoted various content. In particular, original IPs from Korea and Asia selected for Busan Story Market (BSM) were involved in a total of 1,027 meetings, which is the highest number of meetings until now, garnering expectations for the audiovisual production.

29 feature-length film projects from 14 countries selected by the Asian Project Market (APM) called for 705 meetings and 13 films were honored with 12 awards, which is 5 more awards than the previous year. In addition, industry-specific information and networking were available through approximately 20 ACFM conferences and 13 Platform BUSAN programs. Plentiful networking events were held both by nations and companies, including the Asia Contents Awards, Rolling Youth Film Festival, and Malaysia’s mylab workshop.

Asian Contents & Film Market Accomplishments
  • Market Badge: 2,465 Participants and 1,102 Companies from 49 Countries
    • highest number of participants up to date (2,188 Participants and 983 Companies from 56 Countries in 2019)
  • Sales Booths: 272 Companies from 22 Countries, 72 Sales Booths
    • 36% increase in number of companies compared to the event in 2019 (200 Companies from 34 Countries, 86 Booths)
    • First-ever ‘Festival Zone’ in Korea hosted, participated by 5 domestic international film festivals
    • New national pavilion by United Kingdom and Mongolia / Record-high number of 39 European national pavilion participation, online and on-site
  • Online Screenings
    • Market Screening: 177 Content from 52 Companies and 16 Countries (71 Market Premiers)
    • Official Festival Selections: 121 Films
  • Busan Story Market (BSM)
    • Official Selections: 51 Selections from 40 Companies (30 from Korea, 10 from Taiwan, 5 from Japan, 3 from Thailand, 3 from Indonesia)
    • Business Meeting: 1,027 (25% increase in number of meetings compared to 2021 / New Record Set)
    • Booths by 28 organizations/companies from 3 countries
  • Asian Project Market (APM)
    • Official Selections: 29 Selections from 14 Countries
    • Business Meeting: 705 (37% increase in number of meetings compared to 2021)
    • APM Awards: 12 Categories, 13 Awardees (5 additional awards compared to 2021 / Record number of awards)
  • Asia Cinema Fund (ACF) resumed in 3 years, 13 selections supported by 3 funding programs - Script Development Fund, Post-Production Fund, Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund
  • Platform BUSAN resumed in 3 years, 165 participants from 25 countries
  • 20 ACFM Conferences Hosted (7 Pitches, 5 Platform BUSAN programs, 2 Technology conferences, 6 Forum/Seminars)
  • 4th Asia Contents Awards Held at the Outdoor Stage, Busan Cinema Center for the first time, approximately 2,000 audience gathered