5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

Asian Cinema Fund

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Asian Cinema Fund is Busan International Film Festival and Asian Contents & Film Market’s funding initiative that supports film projects by Asian filmmakers.

It has been an essential partner for Asian cinema with its three supporting categories - Script Development Fund, Post-production Fund and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund.

ACF is committed to help activate more independent film productions and to set up a stable production environment.

New Asian cinema discovered by ACF gets to complete into a film through comprehensive support from A to Z and to explore various opportunities through Busan's family programs such as Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) and Asian Project Market (APM).

  • Funding Programs
    - Script Development Fund provides cash grant to talented Asian independent filmmakers to complete their first or second feature-length fiction film scripts that are in development.
    - Post-production Fund provides post-production services to a select number of Asian independent feature-length fiction film projects.
    - Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund provides funding to Asian independent documentary filmmakers to complete their feature-length documentary film projects that are aimed for theatrical release.
  • Contact : acf@biff.kr
  • Website : acf.biff.kr