5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

2021 Final Report

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Asian Contents & Film Market 2021 Final Report
Record Number of Business Meetings at Asian Contents & Film Market

At the Asian Contents & Film Market, which was held online and on-site, a global attention on K-Contents and an explosive demand for in-person business could be confirmed. The Asian Project Market and the E-IP Market, which were held on-site for Koreans and online for foreign participants, a number of total meetings of over 1,300, which is the highest in their history, was recorded. In particular, as the interest in original IP rights has grown larger than ever, around 800 meetings - three times last year's - were held, and that number is expected to grow even larger in the future. At the Asia Contents Awards and the Asian Film Awards, which were broadcast live online, excellent series and films from Korea and Asia were highlighted. The online conference, which was broadcast on YouTube, provided a time for checking in with the current status of the K-Contents industry and look to its future.

Asian Contents & Film Market Accomplishments
  • Online Market Badge: 1,479 participants and 853 companies from 55 countries (885 participants and 611 companies from 45 countries in 2020)
  • Online Booths: 200 sales booths from 200 companies of 23 countries (94 newly added companies/970 contents in transaction)
  • Online Screenings
    • Market Screening: 319 films from 18 countries and 83 companies (141 market premieres)
    • Festival Selections: 112 Films
  • E-IP Market
    • # of E-IP Market Selections: 45 (28 from Korea, 10 from Taiwan, 7 from Japan)
    • # of Official Business Meetings: 824 (216 online, 608 on-site)
  • Assessments
    • Approximately 67% increase in # of market badges from last year, and 40% increase in # of participating companies
    • Addressed the pressurized demand for in-person business and networking in the K-Contents industry
    • E-IP Market records the highest number of selections and business meetings in its history
    • Launching of a market-only mobile app, and continuing support for contactless business through an online market with a drastically enhanced usability
    • The third Asia Contents Award gathers 18,000 cumulative viewers through online live broadcast, extends its reach to short form/OTT original/animation
    • ACFM Online Conference, a new internal project, sheds light on the present and the future of K- Contents

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