Asian Contents & Film Market

8-11 October 2022

Asian Contents & Film Market


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ACFM 2020 Online Now Open!

  • 2020 .10 .25
  • 20:36


ACFM 2020 Online Now Open!


ACFM 2020 Online( is open from 21 October ! Through ACFM 2020 Online, Market Badge Holders will not only be able to view information on exhibitors (including the institutions, sales agencies and E-IP related companies registered for Online Booth) and their line-ups, but also be able to watch most of the 25th Busan International Film Festival official selections through our Online Screening from today. Through E-IP Market, Market Badge Holders can check out information on the 35 original IP selections from Korea, Taiwan and Japan, and furthermore schedule meetings through E-IP Business Meeting booking services.


MenuInformationOpening Period
ExhibitionOnline Booth of Exhibitors
(Institutions, Sales Agencies, E-IP)
21 - 30 October
ScreeningBIFF Selections25th Busan International Film Festival
Official Selections
21 - 30 October
Market ScreeningOnline Market Screening26 - 28 October
APM Previous WorksAPM 2020 Directors Previous Works21 - 30 October
ParticipantsACFM Participant & Company Profile21 - 30 October
E-IP MarketE-IP Market Official Selections
& Business Meeting Booking Service
21 - 30 October
EventACFM Event Schedule & Summary26 - 30 October

From 26 October, the official opening date of ACFM, Online Screening (Market Screening), E-IP Business Meeting and Events for ACFM will be available. In addition, ACFM셲 mobile application, which provides Online Screening and E-IP Business Meeting services, is undergoing development and further details will be announced soon. We look forward to your participation and interest in the first ACFM 2020 Online!


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