5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

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[APM & BSM Meeting Booking Guide]

On this [APM & BSM Meeting] menu, Market Badge holders can book for meetings in advance with official selections of the Asian Project Market 2023 and Busan Story Market 2023. Meet a variety of original selections from film projects to IPs, such as books, webtoons, web novels, and story treatments, at the ACFM 2023!

ACFM 2023 takes place in its main venue, BEXCO, Busan and will host in-person networking and business opportunities for worldwide participants with online components supplemented.

♦ Pre-booking Period for Meetings : 13 - 25 September 2023

  • Rescheduling and cancellation after 25 September will be available only by email.

♦ How to Book Your Meetings

  • 1. Log in to the Asian Contents & Film Market's official website (www.acfm.kr/eng)
  • 2. Click [APM & BSM Meeting] - Click [APM] or [BSM]
  • 3. Select a project you want to meet, then book your meeting by clicking [Book Your Meeting] and adding your schedule according to your availability
  • 4. Double-check your confirmed meeting schedule on [My Page] - [My Meeting for APM & BSM]
* Detailed information of the projects are available by clicking each selections.
* Each meeting runs in 30 minutes; 25 minutes of actual meeting time, and a 5-minute break.
* Time slots that are already taken are unavailable.

♦ Official Dates and Venue

  • Asian Project Market 2023
    - Date: 7 October, 13:30 – 18:00 (KST)

    8 - 9 October, 9:30-18:00 (KST)

    10 October, 9:30-14:00 (KST)

    - Venue: APM Zone @ Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO, Busan
  • Busan Story Market 2023
    - Date: 7 - 9 October, 9:30-18:00 (KST)

    10 October, 9:30-14:00 (KST)

    - Venue: BSM Meeting Zone @ Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO, Busan

♦ Notice

  • To Change Attendance Type (Onsite/Online)
    - The participants can choose their attendance type (onsite/online) while registering for Market Badge. The meeting type is automatically reflected according to the participant's attendance type.
    - Participants MUST contact below if they are inevitable to change attendance type from onsite to online and online to onsite.

♦ Contact

  • Asian Project Market: apm@biff.kr
  • Busan Story Market: ip@acfm.kr

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