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5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

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Asian Contents & Film Market 2023 Announces Conference Lineup!

  • 2023 .10 .31
  • 15:09

Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2023 has announced its conference lineup and official schedule.


An Overview of the Film Industry as a Whole:

ACFM 2023 Conference Lineups


The ACFM, with a steadily growing number of participants each year, firmly solidifies its position as Asia's leading content market. The ACFM conference lineup of this year, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Korean & Asian content industry as a whole, garners much attention.


At the ACFM 2023 Conference, there will be presentations of BSM (Busan Story Market) Korean and Asian IP Selections and focusing on Indonesia, which is the centerpiece of this year셲 Special Program in Focus of Busan International Film Festival, the conference will explore the current status of Asian film industry.  Moreover, a rich lineup includes pitching events held in collaboration with domestic and international content-related organizations and seminars on legal and technological aspects covering the latest trends in the content industry.


Firstly, 'BSM Pitch & Match' presents 14 IPs of 30 official Korean selections, with enhanced story diversity and 10 Taiwanese IPs with ingenious creativity and freedom. A successful case of remake and new IPs from France will also be introduced. Furthermore, with the increasing importance of safeguarding creators' rights and fostering a fair trading environment in the content industry, 'BSM Legal Seminar' will cooperate with the Korea Entertainment Law Society to examine critical issues from a legal perspective and discuss possible solutions.


In addition to original IPs, outstanding Korean and Asian screenplays and feature film projects will also be introduced, attracting the interest of investors and producers. In 쁓#1 Visual Project Pitching Session, the writers will pitch their screenplays directly, and in 쁁IFAN GOEDAM CAMPUS Pitching, 10 emerging creators will showcase their creative projects. Also, the Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) will present 17 feature film projects through AFiS Project Pitching and explore opportunities for various collaborations, including international co-productions. Gyeonggi Content Agency is participating in ACFM for the first time and will host the K-Story IP Global Showcase.


This year, ACFM also provides an opportunity to explore the Asian film industry through seminars and production presentations. Insights into Indonesia's successful international co-production and local/global distribution strategies will be shared, which are gaining attention as a dynamic film market. Main Cast Announcement of the co-production film between Taiwan and Indonesia, MALICE, will also be held. In the 쁒ising Films International Awards, organized by Rising Films International Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, a final selection of original feature-length independent film projects of Korea will be selected, provided with up to 1 billion KRW in production support.


Furthermore, events including 쁀I Human, Virtual? Real Usage for Contents and 쁁USAN CINEMA STUDIOS-XR TECH LAB Technology Seminar will explore the rapidly evolving technology trends. Particularly noteworthy is the collaboration with Asia Start-up Expo (FLY ASIA 2023) for the first time this year, where a new program called 'CINE FLY' will be introduced, specializing in the film, video, and content sectors within the domestic and international startup ecosystem. This program will introduce cutting-edge startup technologies and provide insights into potential industry collaborations.


The newly established Networking Lounge will provide various networking opportunities, including the AFCNet Networking Reception, as well as networking sessions like the Happy Hour hosted by SPCINE, an audiovisual industry promotion organization from S찾o Paulo, Brazil, and the Busan Film Commission셲 Story IP Awards Ceremony.


By unveiling a wide array of seminars, events, showcases, and IP pitching sessions, the ACFM 2023 conference is building up anticipation. 

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