7 - 10 October 2023

Asian Contents & Film Market 2023

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BSM Pitch & Match - Taiwanese IP
  • SAT, 8 October, 16:30 - 17:30  |  Day 1
  • Event Room A
  • #IP Business
  • #Production

10 unique IPs join the Busan Story Market onsite this year which show the vibrant creative energy and freedom in Taiwan. Each story has different themes with extraordinary elements. From crime, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and romance to LGBTQ, and many more for you to find out. Let’s hit the road and enjoy the trip to explore more adaptation possibilities of Taiwanese brilliant stories.

Taiwanese IP - Pitching IPs
No Title Company Author Genre IP
1 Connecting to You MIRROR FICTION INC. Beck Drama, Fantasy, Romance Book
2 THE DISASTER INTERVENTION AGENT APEX PRESS, a division of CITE PUBLISHING LTD. Xerses Fantasy, Mystery, Romance Book
3 Forbidden Zone of God OMNIBOOK PRESS CO., LTD. LENG Yan Mystery, Thriller, Crime Book
4 Judge the Justice UDN.COM LIU Chun-Ku Drama, Crime, Suspense Web Novel
5 Login Danger MIRROR FICTION INC. WU Xiaole Suspense, Drama, Adventure Book
6 Magical Super Asia GRASS JELLY STUDIO CHEN Uen Drama, Fantasy, Crime Comic
7 Mephisto Waltz POWER OF CONTENT CO., LTD. Aris Cho Crime, Suspense, Romance Book
9 Trials of Humanity SHOWWE INFORMATION CO.,LTD. iTaiwan Crime, Mystery, Thriller Book
10 Working for a Crime Group as a Scriptwriter LIN Ting-Yi LIN Ting-Yi Mystery, Fantasy, Crime Book

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