8 - 11 October 2022

Asian Contents & Film Market 2022


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ACFM 2022 Participants


Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) has met its participants online for the past two years after the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world.

The 17th ACFM is preparing to welcome worldwide participants to Busan again with diverse events. Please look forward to the upcoming ACFM 2022 during the 27th Busan International Film Festival.

ACFM 2022 will be held simultaneously from 8 October to 11 October at BEXCO and ACFM 2022 Online Site.

ACFM 2022 Registration Schedule

Welcome back to Busan, ACFM 2022!

Market Registration Key Dates

Market Badge Booth Online Screening
Early Bird 18 July – 31 Aug. Sales Booth (BEXCO) 18 July – 26 Aug. 18 July – 20 Sep.
General 1 - 16 Sep. Online Booth (online.acfm.kr) 18 July – 20 Sep.
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ACFM On-site

Exhibition Center 2, Bexco, Busan



ACFM Rules and Regulations

Before registering for Asian Contents & Film Market, please check the ‘ACFM Rules & Regulations’ below.
For more information, please contact badge@acfm.kr

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