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5 - 8 October 2024

Asian Contents & Film Market 2024

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2023 Busan Story Market Announces Asian IP Selections!

  • 2023 .09 .04
  • 18:21

IPs from Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia to Visit Busan!

BSM 2023, Raising Expectations as Asias Largest

IP Contents Sales Market 


Busan Story Market (BSM) is an IP sales market that introduces exceptional stories, the foundation of all content, to be reproduced to various formats of content and supports the transaction between copyright holders and producers. BSM, which selects and introduces high-quality IPs from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, has revealed its Asian IP selections.

This year, Busan Story Market셲 Asian IP selections consist of 10 Taiwanese IPs selected by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and 6 Japanese IPs selected by Japan셲 Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO). For Taiwan, book IPs once again accounted for the highest proportion amongst the selections, and for Japanese IPs, a number of projects that have been published as translated works in Korean will also participate in the BSM. With the selection of various genres, from a fantasy that takes place in the near future to mysteries that hint at great suspense, as well as action, horror, and romance, which is particularly notable in Asia, the diversity is piquing interest.

In addition, Indonesian IPs will also take part in the line-up. The list will be announced on the official Asian Contents & Film Market website in September.

The selected Asian IPs will be officially invited to the BSM 2023, and be provided with the opportunity to conduct business meetings with domestic and international film and audiovisual industry professionals to secure secondary copyright transactions. With the inclusion of projects at high levels of completion, the large numbers of participation by copyright institutions and companies is raising expectations for BSM, Asia셲 largest IP content sales market. 


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