11 - 14 October 2021

Asian Contents & Film Market 2021


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Through the online ACFM Conference, the 2021 Asian Contents & Film Market will explore the ways in which the K-content industry can overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, and also contemplate the vision for this new industrial environment.

A variety of topics, including the present and future of video content industries in a time of media and platform diversification, and the vision and equality of film festivals and markets during the pandemic, will be addressed in various formats, including discussions, conversations, and panel discussions. We will share insight into the present and future of the video, culture, and content industries, and it will become an opportunity to consolidate wisdom in order to overcome this transition period and to take a step forward towards seeking new possibilities for the future.


11-14 October 2021


ACFM 2021 Online and some sessions will be opened at a specific time, which can be found in the list as below.
*ACFM badge holders only.



  • SPECIAL TALK Meet the Market Directors

    The directors of the global film market and its business programs, which will open with the film festival, will gather together to introduce their key projects, which include each event's supporting programs, and future visions and goals. They will also share their opinions on the possibility of solidarity between film markets and the role of the 'market' for the film industry.

    [Moderator] Liz SHACKLETON Asia Editor, Screen International
    [Speakers] OH Seok Geun Co-Director, Asian Contents & Film Market
    Jérôme PAILLARD Executive Director, Marché du Film
    Dennis RUH Director, European Film Market
    Jacob WONG Director, HKIFF Industry

  • KEYNOTE Conversation with Park Chan-wook: Audiovisual Storytelling in the Era of Diverse Media and Platforms

    The recent, rapid changes that are taking place in the world of media are setting new conditions for storytelling and video expression. Director Park Chan-wook, one of Korea’s leading, global filmmakers, and his longtime friend, Director Lee Mu-yeong, will discuss the new pressures, dangers, opportunities, and possibilities that the currently changing environment is imposing on storytelling and video expression. Park Chan-wook, who has accomplished outstanding achievements with various forms and genres, including films and series, will provide a compelling insight and perspective for many creators and producers from around the world, who are experiencing the same changes in the industry.

    [Moderator] LEE Moo-young Film Director
    [Speaker] PARK Chan-wook Film Director

  • KEYNOTE The Future of Entertainment Content Business in the Rapidly Changing Media Environment

    The recent, rapid developments in technology and the subsequent diversification of content platforms, has brought about fundamental changes to the video content industry. Clear changes in trend can be generally seen in project planning, creative production, and distribution, and enterprises that are based on content IPs, such as transmedia storytelling, construction of narrative universes, and consequent mass production of franchise content, are key characteristics that structure these changes. We invite Luke Kang, president of The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific, who has been pioneering such projects that are becoming the global standard, to provide his unique insight on the latest changes and trends, as well as on Disney’s new business strategy and future vision. This will be a valuable opportunity to learn about the pressures, dangers, opportunities, and possibilities that are being established during this turning point for the content industry.

    [Speaker] Luke KANG President, The Walt Disney Company, APAC

  • CONVERSATION CEO Conversation: Global Vision and Strategy of Korean Media Content Companies

    Due to rapid developments in technology, media industries have recently experienced fundamental changes. Standard value chains and market structures are breaking down and completely new forms and key players are emerging. The fundamental strengthening of globalization is one of the most important elements that will help constitute these changes, and we are now seeing the final global barriers between media businesses break down. It is often said that a situation that is fatal for some, can be a golden opportunity for others. We invite the CEOs of two media companies, who have recently presented innovative visions, to offer their insight into the global strategies of Korean media content companies, and to share this with media companies, producers and creators from Asia and the rest of the world, who are also working in this changing environment.

    [Moderator] Moon Munyeon KIM Committee Member, Asian Contents & Film Market
    [Speakers] Jay J YANG CEO, TVING Co.,Ltd
    Phil YOON CEO, KT Studio Genie

  • DISCUSSION Entertainment Contents Production and Distribution in the Era of Diversified Platforms

    The era of platform diversification, especially with the innovations in content consumption and distribution networks that have been triggered by OTT media services, is providing film producers with the amazing opportunity to easily approach an extensive global audience. The rush of large investments in original video content by OTT companies is also providing other kinds of new opportunities for producers. However, in this chaotic, transitional period for the industry, where standard production, distribution and exchange systems are breaking down, the fact that the return of IPs, copyright, and profits is not properly guaranteed to production companies, is a source of concern and a very real problem. This panel will discuss from different angles, the various dangers and opportunities that the current trend of accelerating platform diversification and changes in the video content industry and market, which is expanding from the standard system centered around TV and cinema to new platforms such as OTTs, is imposing on the production, distribution, storytelling and expression styles of Korean video content.

    [Moderator] CHOI Jeong-hwa Head, Producers Guild of Korea
    [Panelists] KIM Seong-hun Film Director
    KIM Suk CEO, Culture Media Lab
    JANG Won-seok CEO, B.A. Entertainment

  • DISCUSSION Threats and Opportunities for Independent Film Distribution

    In the ongoing pandemic crisis, during which OTTs have spearheaded the diversification of platforms, how are Korean independent films distributed and how do they interact with audiences? The pandemic-induced crisis that the whole film market experienced, also affected the distribution of Korean independent and art films last year. Compared to the year before, there was an approximately 70% decrease in audience figures and the number of independent and art films released. As major screening platforms and standard distribution systems have fallen into a crisis, with the temporary suspension and reduced scale of film festivals and movie theaters, including those exclusive to independent and art films, and the consequent decrease in screening opportunities, a new challenge has arisen for the distribution of independent films, which has always been a difficulty. In the changing media industry, can platform diversification, which includes the rise of OTT and the expansion of the online streaming market, become a new opportunity for Korean independent films to resolve their long-standing dilemmas? Can it become a solution for not only feature films, but also to the problem of obtaining screening opportunities and securing space for independent films, including short films, animations, and documentaries, which struggled to be circulated in the standard distribution systems in the first place? Can the expansion into the global market through OTTs, and the increasing investments of OTT companies into original video content, become an open opportunity for independent films too? This panel will explore the dangers and opportunities for independent films in terms of distribution, and will also delve into the new possibilities for the future.

    [Moderator] HWANG Hei-rim Producer & Co-Managing Director, Metaplay Inc.
    [Panelists] KANG Ki-myung CEO, Triplepictures Inc
    CHO Young-kag Executive Director, Indie Ground
    CHOI Yu-jin General Manager, Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association

  • DISCUSSION Fair Remuneration for the People Who Made the Film – An Essential Precondition for Sustainable Creativity
    Co-organized by DIRECTORS GUILD OF KOREA

    From music and books, to webtoons and web novels, the modern pop culture industry is developing a sustainable, creative ecosystem through a royalty payment system, where consumers’ use of cultural content results in compensation for the creators. However, Korean cultural content and filmmakers have never been protected by such a system. The Directors Guild of Korea questions these long-standing circumstances, and by examining the current state of the foreign film industry and other cultural circles in Korea, will suggest a future where what is common sense in cultural industries, can also become the norm in the film industry.

    [Moderator] LEE Yoon-jung Film Director
    [Panelists] PARK Hyun-seon Visiting Professor, Yonsei University
    CHEON Ju-hee Researcher, Center for Cultural Society
    HONG Won-chan Film Director
    July JUNG Film Director
    YANG Sang-hun Head of Authors’ rights & Foreign Affairs, Directors Guild of Korea

  • FORUM NAPNet Forum: International Co-Production - The Asian Lens
    Co-organized by BUSAN ASIAN FILM SCHOOL (AFiS)

    In our globalized world, international co-productions reflect the hybridization of cultures and diversities. From strengthening the market to maximizing audiences, Asian filmmakers are increasingly engaging in collaborative activities.

    The NAPNet Forum of “International co-production: The Asian Lens” brings together 3 emerging producers. They will discuss and share their experiences of co-producing their acclaimed films and the challenges and opportunities of co-production for the future.

    [Moderator] Ajay RAI Producer & Founder of In Front Films
    [Panelists] LEE Yve Vonn Producer
    Supatcha THIPSENA Producer
    MD Arifur Rahman Producer

  • PRESENTATION Making the World Smaller for Asian Content
    Co-organized by iQIYI 11 OCT. 11:00-11:30

    Leading Asian streaming platform iQiyi is betting big on their international service. Soft-launched in 2019 and currently available via iQ.com and their App in over 191 territories worldwide, iQiyi is the only Asian streamer with a global footprint in three time zone blocks across the world. Apart from Chinese-language content, iQiyi has also doubled down in their investment to provide the most premium Korean and local content to their global users, such as their wildly successful first Original production, My Roommate is a Gumiho, and upcoming K-suspense thriller, Jirisan. Join iQiyi’s VP of International Business Kuek Yu-Chuang, and some surprise guests as they share their 2021 wins so far, and what’s in the pipeline for the streamer in their mission to become the definitive home of pan-Asian entertainment.

    [Host] KUEK Yu-Chuang Vice President for International Business, iQIYI

  • PRESENTATION The Present of Storytelling with Unity: Case Study of MWU KR Award 2021 Selections
    Co-organized by UNITY TECHNOLOGIES KOREA 11 OCT. 13:00 ~ 14:00

    Unity is the world's most used real-time 3D content creation tool and is being actively used in various content industries such as games, interactive content, and animation. In this session, we will introduce the latest storytelling techniques and how to use them with Unity with two case studies selected for Made with Unity Korea Award 2021

    [Speakers] Chapter 1. SONG Haemin Chung-Ang University, Graduate School of
    Advanced Imaging Science, Future Media Art Lab Chapter 2. LEE Jeongseob Bipole

  • PRESENTATION Destination: Filming in Portugal
    Co-organized by PORTUGAL FILM COMMISSION (PFC) 12 OCT. 15:00 ~ 15:30

    With a competitive 30% Cash Rebate, Scouting Programme, Co-Pro Agreements and 7 regions that deliver the most diversified and magnificent locations, Portugal has a lot to offer as a filming destination. Film Commissioner Manuel Claro presents the reasons why you can’t skip filming in Portugal.

    [Speaker] Manuel CLARO Film Commissioner, Portugal Film Commission

  • PRESENTATION Filming in the Philippines
    12 OCT. 17:00 ~ 18:00

    From pristine beaches to picturesque landscapes to bustling cities, the perfect background for your film is just one of the reasons to shoot in the Philippines. With the FilmPhilippines' one-stop shop assistance and the resources available through our national database, the Philippines is waiting to partner with you.
    The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will discuss the opportunities for international productions to co-produce with the Philippines and present possible partners with the Philippine delegation at the ACFM 2021. FDCP will also showcase the projects at the Busan International Film Festival and Asian Project Market.

    [Host] Mil ALCAIN Unit Manager, FilmPhilippines Incentives
    [Speakers] Mary Liza DIÑO Chairperson and CEO, Film Development Council of the Philippines
    Agathe VINSON Technical Consultant, FilmPhilippines Office 

  • PITCH E-IP Pitch & Talk 2021: KOREA Part 1&2

    ‘E-IP Pitch & Talk: KOREA’ introduces original content on a variety of platforms with potential for film adaptation and visualization, such as books, webtoons, and web novels. The 28 Korean selections to be presented this year include diverse genres of works that are adaptable across diverse media platforms, which are sure to attract the attention of people across related industries.


  • PITCH E-IP Pitch & Talk 2021: TAIWAN

    Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), established in June 2019 and supervised by the Ministry of Culture, is a professional intermediary organization that promotes the development of Taiwan’s content industries.
    With the fruitful collaboration last year, TAICCA brings another 10 splendid IPs of novels, comics, and games to the E-IP Market 2021. The stories span from 1960s to 2030s and beyond, while stage across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, as well as a fictional modern Asian city. The genres include adventure, fantasy, romance, comedy, action, Sci-Fi, horror, crime, and more for you to discover.
    The creative environment in Taiwan is unfettered and vibrant. 'E-IP Pitch & Talk: TAIWAN' will introduce you to these 10 original IPs from Taiwan with enormous potential.


  • PITCH 2021 BFC Busan Project Pitching
    Co-organized by BUSAN FILM COMMISSION (BFC)

    The Busan Film Commission is proud to announce its “2021 BFC Busan Project Pitch and Development Support” program. The purpose is to introduce unique quality feature films produced in Busan to the general public, as well offer business opportunities for the city of Busan. A total of seven Busan projects have been planned and developed since July with a focus on coaching and consulting through this project. You won’t miss the opportunity to see feature film projects from local producers and creators of Busan, ranging from thrillers, dramas, and romance to horror and action.

    Crime Noir OBs: Bad Adults' world
    Action thriller on and off the time frame The girl who sees the future
    Swirling road movie Picnic
    21st century mobile dating Noble Translate
    High intense suspense thriller Wild Cut
    Mystery crime action The Conspiracy of Golden Lily (Working Title)
    Comic Horror Romance Self - isolation Vampire life

  • EVENT Asia Contents Awards 2021 7 OCT. 18:00 ~ 20:00

    The Asia Contents Awards (ACA) is an award ceremony for outstanding TV, OTT, and online content throughout Asia. Celebrating its third edition, the ACA has expanded the submissions of content to animation, short-form, and web drama series in addition to TV and OTT series. 163 entries from 16 Asian countries were submitted to ACA, more than doubling the submissions from last year. After preliminary and final round selections, 30 works from 11 Asian countries are nominated in the ACA 2021, and the winners of the 14 categories will be announced on 7 October, combining on-site and online presentation.


  • EVENT 15th Asian Film Awards 8 OCT. 20:00 ~ 21:30

    Inaugurated in 2007, the Asian Film Awards celebrates excellence in Asian cinema through the annual presentation of awards to talents and films that make up the dynamic film industries of Asia. In 2013, three main Asian film festivals – Hong Kong, Busan and Tokyo – joined to create the Asian Film Awards Academy. The 15th Asian Film Awards will be hosted in Busan for the second time. 36 films from 8 countries/regions are nominated, and the winners in 18 categories will be announced on 8 October, combining on-site and online presentation.