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ACFM 2020 Opens Tomorrow!

  • 2020 .10 .25
  • 21:02

ACFM 2020 Opens Tomorrow!


Asian Contents & Film Market 2020, which is held online for 3 days from 26 (Mon) - 28 (Wed) October during the 25th Busan International Film Festival, starts tomorrow. Despite being the first online opening, 205 companies have registered Online Booths showing an increase compared to last year, and registration figures reached 859 participants from 592 companies in 24 countries. In particular, Taiwan셲 Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Japan셲 Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), which participates in the E-IP Market on behalf of their country, have contributed to the increase in Online Booths by bringing in E-IP related companies(film, TV, publishing, manga, web novels, etc.).


The early bird rate for our Market Badge ends today, and the price will increase to 150 USD from tomorrow. For early bird rate benefits, register today! Market Badge registration is available until 28 October, the last day of Asian Contents & Film Market 2020.


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