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E-IP Market Announces 35 Selections for 2020!

  • 2020 .09 .17
  • 17:05

E-IP Market Announces 35 Selections for 2020!

This year, industry professionals are introduced to E-IP Market projects, which integrated Book To Film and E-IP Pitching, selections of original books and web content, respectively. E-IP Market will present all original IP (books, web comics, web novels, and stories) selections regardless of category and operate as an integrated event. In addition, E-IP Market 2020 will partner with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) starting this year and present original IPs selected by the two institutions.


Included in the E-IP Market 2020 selections are 17 Korean projects of diverse genre. In particular, the sci-fi and fantasy genre based on unique storylines, comedy and drama highlights lively characters, action themes and noir genre as told through dynamic narArations.


TAICCA is a subsidiary department under the Ministry of Culture, supporting Taiwan셲 contents industry: film, TV production, music, and fashion. A total of 10 Taiwanese original IP selections will be introduced in the first year of the E-IP market participation. The selections range diverse genres and platforms, selected in regards to uniqueness, the feasibility of visualization, and the prominence of original authors.


VIPO supports the Japanese content industry, including film, TV production, music, publication, character, and games. This is the first year VIPO has joined the E-IP Market, selecting 8 selections from various platforms: manga, book, web novel, and radio drama. In addition to the selections, 25 original IPs that share the equivalent quality will also be presented.


E-IP Market selections have resulted in positive achievements by successfully finalizing a number of copyright agreements. Book to Film 2019 selection Abyss (INDIEPAPER) finalized a copyright contract for film production with REDPETER Film - the production house of the 2017 and 2020 official selections for the Cannes Film Festival, Train to Busan and Peninsula respectively. E-IP Pitching 2019 selection It셲 Mine (YJ Comics) made a contract with Studio Dragon, and Goldfish (Toyou셲 Dream), currently under film co-production by Studio N and C-JeS Entertainment.


E-IP Market is expected to uplift the possibilities of adaptation for diverse content and revitalize the overall content market. It will take place Online from October 26th (Mon) to 28th (Wed), and will merge an online business meeting and scheduling platform for local and international industry professionals who cannot physically participate in the market due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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