7 - 10 October 2023

Asian Contents & Film Market 2023

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French IPs for Remakes - Pitching Session & Roundtable
  • SAT, 8 October, 17:00 - 19:00  |  Day 1
  • Event Room B
  • #IP Business
  • #Distribution
  • #Investor

How to produce a successful remake? Learn from the success stories of remakes and discover fresh IPs from France. This showcase and pitching session are co-organized by BLINTN, EMBASSY OF FRANCE TO KOREA, SCREEN INTERNATIONAL and UNIFRANCE. It will be hosted by SCREEN INTERNATIONAL Michael Rosser (International News Editor) and will be followed by a cocktail. This event is open to ACFM badge holders who have been invited.

IP Pitching Session
Film Company Director Genre
1 Clouds of Sils Maria LES FILMS DU LOSANGE Olivier Assayas Drama
2 Babysitting TF1 Nicolas Benamou & Philippe Lacheau Comedy
3 Blind Date ORANGE STUDIO Clovis Cornillac Comedy
4 The Deep House PULSAR CONTENT Julien Maury &
Alexandre Bustillo
5 The Visitor from the Future MAREMAKO François Descraques SF, Comedy

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