7 - 10 October 2023

Asian Contents & Film Market 2023

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BIFAN GOEDAM (Strange Tales) CAMPUS Business Meeting
  • Mon, 10 October, 16:00 ~18:00  |  Day 3
  • Conference Room 124

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GOEDAM CAMPUS (a.k.a Strange Tales Campus) is the support program of Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. It aims to support the development and production of GOEDAM projects in various formats, and archive and publish strange stories around the world. BIFAN introduces 8 film/series projects selected and been developed through intensive 1 to 1 mentoring over 3 months by genre experts. Keep a sharp eye on these 8 strange projects presented by BIFAN that will be revealed during ACFM 2022!

(In alphabetical order)
Creator Category Mentor
GUISE YOO Jihoon Feature LEE Jongho
Magical Nara Hansl von KWON Series LEE Jinsook
MAMA JANG Seonhye Feature Andy YOON
Once Upon a Time in Korea BAE Yelam Series KIM Hyunjeong
Tentacles In the Shadow OH Yukyeong Feature YOON Seongho
The Curse of Ki-moon CHUN Heewook Feature LEE Yongyeon
The People in the Bangsangshi Masks PARK Jun-woo Series HAN Jihyung
Zombie Daddy KWON Yanghun Feature KIM Taekyeong

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