7 - 10 October 2023

Asian Contents & Film Market 2023

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BSM Pitch & Match - Korean IP II
  • Sun, 9 October, 13:30 - 15:00 | Day 2
  • Event Room A
  • #IP Business
  • #Production

Being submitted with the most significant number of IPs ever, 2022 Busan Story Market has selected seven books, eleven webtoons, five web novels, and seven stories of original IPs that raise hopes for the film and audiovisual adaptations. A total of 30 IPs range from the history and romance genre with progressive female narrative to the suspense and thriller genre that will bring intense excitement. Among the list, you can meet 24 well-made IPs armed with astonishing creativity at the BSM Pitch & Match - Korean IP.

Korean IP II - Pitching IPs
(IP Title in alphabetical order)
No Title Company Author Genre IP
1 Brave Love KENAZ Story YOSIN
Art Shoong Shoong
Romance, Drama, Coming of Age Webtoon
2 DIVE KYOBO BOOK CENTRE Danyo Drama, Sci-Fi, Coming of Age Book
3 The Goddess of Farming STUDIO YOSIN STUDIO YOSIN Romance, Fantasy Webtoon
4 Hwan Hon Jeon SANSUYA KIM Youngmee Drama, Mystery, Historical Drama Book
5 Laws of Rumors JAEDAM MEDIA Story T.GREENY
Art BBchu
Romance, Drama, Thriller Webtoon
6 My Lovely Spring Bird SEA EDUTECH PROMISE Romance, Historical Drama, Drama Story
7 The Noble Lady next to the King STORYWIZ Danya Romance, Coming of Age, Drama Web Novel
8 Rematch TOYOU'S DREAM Story/Art LEE Noaan
Original Scenario KIM Namgyu
Action, Drama, Sports Webtoon
9 The Royal Florist in Chosun STUDIO YOSIN STUDIO YOSIN Romance, Coming of Age, Historical Drama Story
10 The Second Life as a Newcomer ​JAKGA COMPANY INC.​ B.House Fantasy, Drama, Coming of Age Web Novel
11 Secret of the Old Camera KENAZ Story LEE Jihyun
Drama, Coming of Age, Romance Webtoon
12 The Shaman Government Officer STUDIO LICO / NAVER WEBTOON CORP. STUDIO LICO Romance, Comedy, Thriller Story
13 Simulation EO CONTENTS GROUP SEO Saetbyeol Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi Story

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