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7 - 10 October 2023

Asian Contents & Film Market 2023

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Announcing the 29 Selections for Asian Project Market 2022!

  • 2022 .08 .17
  • 13:31

Announcing the 29 Selections for Asian Project Market 2022!


Asian Project Market (APM) 2022, Asia셲 largest investment and co-production market, has announced the final 29 selections from 15 countries amongst the submission of 288 projects from 40 countries.

Starting this year, APM 2022, which has excluded non-Asian projects in order to provide more focused support for Asian projects, has raised its criterion for project submission. The projects must be submitted by directors who have directed at least one short or full-length feature film, and producers who have participated in the production of at least on full-length feature film. In addition, three film supported by the Asian Cinema Fund셲 Script Development Fund will also be included as APM projects and be provided business meeting opportunities.

APM 2022 projects by BIFF alumni directors and Asian female directors are gathering much anticipation. Southeast Asian and Japanese projects showed their strengths in handling social issues such as labor, refugees, and crime. Also, 9 projects by Korean directors are raising the expectations of Asian film officials with their various genres, solid screenplays and stellar directing.

APM 2022 Awards will be receiving sponsorship, supported by a larger number of sponsors than prior to the pandemic outbreak. The newly established TAICCA Award and the VIPO Award, sponsored by Taiwan Creative Content Agency and Japan셲 Visual Industry Promotion Organization respectively, will have a reward of $10,000 to support film development. Cambodia셲 Kongchak Studio will sponsor the Kongchak Studio Award, providing an in-kind prize worth $25,000 in sound post-production services and facilities. Moreover, the APM projects will be sponsored by Busan Metropolitan City, CJ ENM, KB Kookmin Bank, NUTRILITE, ARTE Kino, Norwegian South Film Fund, Pop Up Film Residency, and MONEFF. The winners of the APM 2022 Awards will be announced on Oct 11 (Tues).


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