26-28 October 2020

Asian Contents & Film Market 2020

2020 Submission Guideline

Home Asia Contents Awards 2020 Submission Guideline
  • Dramas that have been or will be aired on public TV, cable TV, OTT platforms, etc. (with the exception of dramatized advertisement and promotional materials produced with a commercial purpose)
  • Dramas have been aired or released between the dates of 1 January 2019 and 30 June 2020 in Asia.
  • The entering organization or individual holds copyright ownership
    • In case of co-produced dramas, the entrant must notify its production partner about the submission in advance
    • Resubmitted entries will be disqualified. In the event a program is submitted by more than one entrant, the entrants that hold the copyright must decide who will be the final entrant.
    • Should there be a copyright issue, the entrant must take the full responsibility.
Entry Criteria
  • Dramas that have been aired on any platform including public/cable/satellite TV, and OTT platforms
    • Actors, executive producer, and writers of the entries will automatically be competing in the relevant individual category. Should they NOT wish to compete, the entrant MUST indicate so in the application for jury’s reference.
Awards Category: In total of 10 categories
  • 2 Drama Awards, 1 Lifetime Achievement Award, 5 Individual Awards (2 Actor/Actress, 1 Writer, 1 Rising Star, 1 Newcomer), 2 Special Awards
Required Materials
  • Entry form
  • Photos: each photo must be vertical and submitted as a JPEG file with 300dpi
    • Official poster (preferably with English title; if not, submit one with the local title)
    • Headshot of the talents (of 1 or 2 main actor and actress each)
    • Headshot of 1 or 2 screenwriters
    • Headshot of 1 or 2 directors
    • Headshot of 1 or 2 executive producer
  • Video: (mandatory for all) trailer or summary video under 5 mins
    Category Required Video
    Short Form Submit the entire program
    Mini-Series Submit the mandatory first episode and choose an additional episode or two that help the viewers understand the overall story
    Serial Drama Submit the mandatory first episode and choose two or three additional episodes that help the viewers understand the overall story
    • Video Format
      ① Video codec: H.264 ② Audio codec: AAC ③ File format: any codec/format that plays on normal video players like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. ④ Resolution: 1,920x1,080 HD (16:9 ratio)
    • ll videos must be subtitled in English (entries without English subtitles may be disqualified)
    • Submit episodic synopsis in English for all episodes with the video files
    ※ How to submit a video to ACA?(choose one option below)
    - Share your google file folder to aca@biff.kr
    - Send the external hard drive to ACA office (The shipping cost will be taken by entrants.)
    3rd floor, 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48058, Korea
    Tel. 82 51 709 2228
Usage of Entries

Asia Contents Awards will use the entries upon the entrant’s consent, with the sole purpose of hosting the Awards and of promoting the entries as defined below:

  • Preliminary and final selection of Asia Contents Awards
  • Edits or excerpts (15 mins max.) for Asia Contents & Film Market-produced contents on platforms including TV, Internet, and exhibits.
Entry Period: 1 May 2020 – 31 July 2020 18:00 (KST)
  • All the required materials must be submitted for the entry to be valid. In case of asking for validity check, make sure to send the request with enough time ahead.
Please Note
  • No entrance fee is required.
  • The organizing committee is not obliged to return any submitted material and it will discard all collected information of the disqualified entries
  • The organizing committee may request additional materials due to lack of information or technical error. Especially when nominated, the entrant must fully co-operate.
  • If nominated for Actor/Actress categories, the entrant must notify the relevant performers of the Awards date in advance and must co-operate to the fullest so the talents can attend the awards ceremony.
Judging Procedures
  • Preliminary Selection: up to 9 domestic/international drama/video experts
    Each judge individually screens and evaluates the entries in private, and submits the assessment results
  • Final Selection: up to 9 domestic/international drama/video experts
    Each judge individually screens and evaluates the entries in private, and submits the assessment results per category
Announcement Date
  • Preliminary nomination: Late August 2020
  • Final nomination: Late September 2020
Announcement Venue
  • The Organizing Committee will announce the nominees and winners on the official website and notify the relevant entrants