26-28 October 2020

Asian Contents & Film Market 2020


The Asia Contents Awards (ACA) is an award ceremony for outstanding TV and OTT drama series throughout Asia, enjoying its second year since being newly established in 2019.

ACA 2020 is comprised of 10 categories and 11 awards, with 75 entries in total this year representing 17 different countries, from among which 28 works from 12 nations were selected after the preliminary and final rounds.

Due to COVID-19, ACA 2020 will be held entirely online and will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of Busan International Film Festival from 4pm to 6pm (Korean local time) on October 25th.


2020 Asia Contents Awards

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Inquiry : T 82 517092228, E aca@acfm.kr

2020 Asia Contents Awards