10 – 13 October 2020

Asian Contents & Film Market 2020

E-IP Pitching

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E-IP Pitching

E-IP Pitching introduces original content, from web dramas, web novels and web comics adaptable across multiple media platforms, to film, media and entertainment industry professionals. Due to the original settings and compelling storylines of the works previously selected, numerous contracts have been successfully negotiated and finalized. The 5th E-IP Pitching introduced original web comics and web novels which can be modified to multi-platform that are highly expected for content based on a new perspective and firm story line.

E-IP Awards

  • Showbox Choice Award
    - A Christmas with Jam(Lucid), WISDOMHOUSE MEDIAGROUP INC., Webtoon
    - Designer(Hatchling), JADAM MEDIA, Webtoon
  • ToryComics Award
    - A Christmas with Jam(Lucid), WISDOMHOUSE MEDIAGROUP INC., Webtoon
    - The Flower Bloomed by the Cloud(Bionwho), DAEWON C.I. INC., Webtoon
    - Mr.2(Story: PARK Bum Soo, Art: CHEON Jin Hui), STORYCOMPANY, Webtoon
  • Union SuperIP Award
    - It’s Mine(Lucks), YJ COMICS, Webtoon
[ E-IP Pitching 2019 Selections ]

(IP Title in Alphabetical Order)

No IP Title Company Author Genre IP Category
1 100 Days Until Christmas MACAROON (KYOBO BOOK CENTRE) Mia Wu Drama, Mystery Web Novel
Jessoo (Art)
Sci-Fi, Drama Webtoon
3 Changeover NAVER WEBTOON CORP. Kingmook Drama, Fantasy Web Novel
4 A Christmas with Jam WISDOMHOUSE MEDIAGROUP Lucid Drama, Family Webtoon
5 Designer JAEDAM MEDIA Hatchling Crime, Drama Webtoon
6 The Flower Bloomed by the Cloud DAEWON C.I. INC. Bionwho Romance, History Webtoon
7 Ghost Telller LICO CORP LICO Horror, Fantasy Webtoon
8 Goldfish TOYOU'S DREAM myoung rang (Story)
aepoong (Art)
Noi, Drama Webtoon
9 Hong Doctor's Secret RS MEDIA CORPORATION SEO Ina Romance Web Novel
10 I Never Share My Man WISDOMHOUSE MEDIAGROUP INC. Rei Ko Drama Web Novel
11 I'm Gone LICO CORP. LICO Drama Webtoon
12 It's Mine YJ COMICS Lucks Thriller, Drama Webtoon
13 Mr. 2 STORYCOMPANY PARK Bum Soo (Story)
CHEON Jin Hui (Art)
Action, Comedy Webtoon
14 Stiletto STORYCOMPANY KANG Jiyeong (Story)
Ninageumho (Art)
Mystery, Romance Webtoon
KIM Tae-sun (Art)
Sci-Fi, Thriller Webtoon

* Webtoon: a term used to describe Korean web comics.