10 – 13 October 2020

Asian Contents & Film Market 2020

Market Badge

Home Registration Market Badge

Access to the Market is limited to registered participants with the Market Badge or the Festival badges - those who register for the Market will be automatically accredited for the Festival. At the Asian Film Market 2019, Market Badge holders may enjoy the opportunity to network with other industry professionals, to trade film and entertainment contents, and to develop early-stage projects. The specific benefits of having a Market Badge are listed as follows:

Market Badge

  • Access to Market participant database
  • Market guest package
  • Pre-booking of APM project meetings
  • Pre-booking of E-IP Business Meeting
  • Access to Market Screenings and P&I (Press and Industry) Screenings
  • Guest Online & Onsite Ticketing Service for festival screening (5 tickets/day)
  • Access to the events of Festival and Market
  • Access to Online Screening and Video Room
  • Market Shuttle service
  • Membership to Cinando
CINANDO Registered delegates enjoy a free 6-months membership to Cinando - the first online network for film professionals - and access to contacts, company line-ups, film details and the screening schedule. Also available on iPhone and Android via the Cinando app. Delegates will receive an email notification on how to access their account. For any questions on Cinando, please contact: contactus@cinando.com

Periods & Rates

Type Date Price (Tax Exempt)
Market Badge Early Bird July 1 ~ To Be Announced $100
General To Be Announced $150
On Site October 6 - October 13 $200
Day Pass October 5 - October 8 $50/day
  • Day Pass : It is for people who missed out the registration period or who wants only one-day access at a reasonable rate. It allows the holder to access the Market events and take the Market Shuttle on the issuing date.

Market Badge Registration

  • Only credit card is accepted for Market Badge payment in online registration.
  • Credit card or cash in Korean currency is accepted for onsite registration.
  • Refunds upon payment cancellation are subject to a 30% Administration Fee.
  • In the case of exhibitors, please check the promotion code which is provided in the Sales Booth confirmation email, before registering for the Market Badge.

For more information, please contact badge@acfm.kr