26-28 October 2020

Asian Contents & Film Market 2020


Home Registration Introduction

ACFM 2020, which will be held online, offers Market Badge holders Online Booth and Market Screening for free of charge to communicate with buyers around the world.

Market participants, including buyers, will be able to view the line-up of each sales company and some of BIFF official selections online through Market Screening.

Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) is open online for three days, from October 26th to 28th.

Online Registration Deadlines

  Price Deadlines
Market Badge Early Bird $100 25 October
General $150 26 – 28 October
Online Booth Complimentary for Market Badge Holders 14 October
Market Screening Complimentary for Market Badge Holders 20 October
For more information, please contact badge@acfm.kr

Registration for Asian Contents & Film Market

Asian Contents & Film Market Database website is operated on a personal ID basis. Register for Market Badge, Online Booth, and Market Screening with your email account for verification.