Today’s ACFM Schedule
Mon, 9 October | Day 3
- Event Room A : Meeting Room 211-213, 2F, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO
- Event Room B : Meeting Room 214-215, 2F, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO
- Event Room C : Meeting Room 217-218, 2F, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO
- Networking Lounge : Hall 1, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO
Time Title Venue
10:30 - 12:30 AFiS Project Pitching Event Room A
13:30 - 14:30 WHEN EAST MEETS EAST Book Launch Event
15:30 - 18:30 BIFAN GOEDAM CAMPUS Pitching
10:45 - 12:00 Global Content Industry Trends and Strategies Event Room B
13:00 - 13:45 Main Cast Announcement: Taiwan Co-Production Thriller MALICE
14:30 - 15:15 BSM Legal Seminar Ⅱ
16:00 - 19:00 Evolving K-story IP Global Showcase
10:30 - 12:00 Filmmaker's Talk: OGIGAMI Naoko Event Room C
14:00 - 15:00 Cinematic Crossroads: Navigating European and
Asian Film Markets by TTB & EFP
09:30 – 18:00 Asian Project Market APM Zone
09:30 – 18:00 Busan Story Market BSM Meeting Zone
16:00 – 18:00 BSM Legal Consultation
16:00 - 17:00 2023 BFC Story IP Awards Ceremony Networking Lounge
* Global Content Industry Trends and Strategies : Panel Maki Yoko cannot participate due to personal schedule.
Yesterday’s ACFM Review
◆ Asian Contents & Film Market 2023 Conference

Let's Discuss Distribution In Asia & Indonesia

AI Human, Virtual? Real usage for Contents


S#1 Visual Project Pitching Session

BSM Legal Seminar Ⅰ

Co-production Case Study: Plan75 by VIPO

Producers' Talk: Prominent Indonesian Producers

Finding the Oasis of Now for International
Co-production by mylab

Pitch & Meet Ⅰ

Building Bridges: São Paulo (Brazil) Happy Hour

Toyou's Dream and Whynot Media,
Signed a Webtoon and Audiovisual
Co-Production Agreement

▲ (Left) Toyou’s Dream CEO Yu Taek-geun (Right) Whynot Media CEO Lee Min-seok

Toyou’s Dream (CEO Yu Taek-geun), a webtoon-based comprehensive content investment and production company, signed a business contract with Whynot Media (CEO Lee Min-seok), a global content production studio on the 7 October at the ACFM 2023.
Through this strategic business agreement, the two companies aim to adapt Whynot Media’s IP, Real:Time:Love, into a webtoon, Toyou's Dream’s IP, The Romantic Merger, into an audiovisual content, and co-product the new IP, Death Rider (tentative) into a webtoon and an audiovisual content. Also, utilizing their diverse IPs and audiovisual production capabilities, the two companies plan to expand their cooperation to generate business synergies.
Meanwhile, Toyou’s Dream has set up an IP Sales Booth at the ACFM 2023, where they will introduce source IPs with high potential for live adaptation to industry professionals during the market.
Tomorrow’s ACFM Schedule
Tue, 10 October | Day 4
Time Title Venue
09:30 - 14:00 Asian Project Market APM Zone
09:30 - 14:00 Busan Story Market BSM Meeting Zone
10:00 - 12:00 BSM Legal Consultation
10:30 - 11:30 Pitch & Meet Ⅱ * PB Lounge
14:30 - 15:30 Sound Design and Post-Production KOFIC Theater
20:00 - 22:00 APM 2023 Awards Ceremony Grand Ballroom, 2F, Paradise Hotel Busan
* PB Badge holders only
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