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ACFM 2021 Online
APM Business Meeting Starts Today!
As the first investment and co-production market in Asia, the Asian Project Market (APM) has brought fresh feature film projects and global film investors, producers, and distributors together each year. At the 24th edition, it introduces total of 25 film projects from Asia to the film professionals. This year’s 429 submissions, an approximate 20% increase from last year’s record, is the largest number of submissions the APM has ever received, and include a considerable number of BIFF’s Asian Film Academy (AFA) alumni. AFA is an educational program with the aim of discovering talented directors and young filmmakers in Asia. Furthermore, the extensive list of promising female directors in the APM lineup is also receiving much attention.

Business meetings for the Asian Project Market begins today online, as well as in Busan for domestic projects with the participation of film industry professionals.
APM Project List
ACFM Online Conference Highlight
In the ACFM Online Conference sessions which open today, the Portugal Film Comission and the Film Development Council of the Philippines introduce the attractive filming locations of their respective countries to film and media industry professionals. These sessions will be available for viewing on ‘ACFM 2021 Online’. For more details, please refer to the information below.
PRESENTATION Destination: Filming in Portugal
Co-organized by PORTUGAL FILM COMISSION (PFC) | ENG, PRT | 15:00 - 15:30
With a competitive 30% Cash Rebate, Scouting Programme, Co-Pro Agreements and 7 regions that deliver the most diversified and magnificent locations, Portugal has a lot to offer as a filming destination. Film Commissioner Manuel Claro presents the reasons why you can’t skip filming in Portugal.
PRESENTATION Filming in the Philippines
From pristine beaches to picturesque landscapes to bustling cities, the perfect background for your film is just one of the reasons to shoot in the Philippines. With the FilmPhilippines' one-stop shop assistance and the resources available through our national database, the Philippines is waiting to partner with you. The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will discuss the opportunities for international productions to co-produce with the Philippines and present possible partners with the Philippine delegation at the ACFM 2021. FDCP will also showcase the projects at the Busan International Film Festival and Asian Project Market.
ACFM Conference
E-IP Market Opens in Success!
At the E-IP Market, which began with the opening of the Asian Contents & Film Market, the 28 official Korean selections and around 130 domestic industry professionals held lively business meetings in Busan and on ‘ACFM 2021 Online’. International industry professionals as well as the 17 Taiwanese and Japanese selections participated through online business meetings. With the participation of diverse industry professionals in the film, video, publishing, and content creation sectors, the first day of E-IP Market wrapped in success.
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