ACFM 2021 Online Pre-Opens Today!
The Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2021, which opens from October 11 (Mon) through October 14 (Thu), primarily takes place on the official online platform ‘ACFM 2021 Online’(, which pre-opens today. As of October 5th, we have seen a 52% increase in participants from last year’s market. More than 1,300 participants from 51 countries are attending the market. Market badge holders can access various services ahead of the market via ‘ACFM 2021 Online’ including the participants list, online booths, project info for the E-IP (Entertainment Intellectual Property) Market and Asian Project Market (APM), online screening of BIFF Selections and more. For more details regarding the services available on ‘ACFM 2021 Online’ during the pre-open period and the official market schedule, please refer to the chart below:
Oct 6(Wed) - 10(Sun) Oct 11(Mon) - 14(Thu) Oct 15(Fri) - 31(Sun)
Participants and Online Booth Participants list, Online Booths, E-IP Market & APM Project Info
Online Screening BIFF Selection, APM Previous Works
Market Screening
Business Meeting E- IP Business Meeting (Oct 11-14)
APM Business Meeting (Oct 12-14)
ACFM Conference ACFM Conference
Magazine Rack Market Catalogues
ACFM 2021 Online

ACFM Conference Announces 2021 Lineup!
The Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2021 has announced its lineup for the online conference. This conference plans to invite professionals leading each sector of the K-Contents industry and engage in in-depth discussions on various subjects across the industry. In particular, the conference is raising anticipation by providing an opportunity for creators all over the world to share their strategies for responding to the rapidly changing market after COVID-19 as well as the K-Contents industry’s vision.

The ACFM Conference sessions will be available to ACFM Badge holders through ACFM 2021 Online ( beginning at 10:00 (KST) on October 11 (Mon). Starting on October 13 (Wed), they will be available for all viewers on the Busan International Film Festival’s official YouTube channel with the exception of some sessions.
ACFM Conference Lineup

The 3rd Asia Contents Awards Goes Live October 7 (Thurs)
Asia Contents Awards (ACA), which grants awards to outstanding TV, OTT (Over-the-top streaming platform), and online contents from Asia, is to take place tomorrow, October 7 (Thu) at 6pm KST. Similar to last year, ACA will operate as a hybrid online and on-site event. Domestic attendees, including the hosts, will be participating on-site from Busan, while overseas nominees across Asia will be attending the awards online. The event will be broadcast live through ‘ACFM 2021 Online’, as well as the Asia Contents Awards’ official YouTube channel and NAVER on October 7 (Thurs), and will be available for replay starting October 11 (Mon) through ACFM 2021 Online.
ACA Official Website

ACA Official Youtube Channel

ACA Official Instagram

The 15th Asian Film Awards Goes Live October 8 (Fri)
The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) is an organization jointly established in 2013 by the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the Busan International Film Festival, and the Tokyo International Film Festival for the development of Asian cinema. AFAA has held the Asian Film Awards (AFA) in commemoration and celebration of filmmakers who have cultivated the Asian film industry. The 15th Asian Film Awards ceremony will once again be held alongside the Busan International Film Festival. The ceremony will commence on October 8 (Fri) in a hybrid form, which combines on-site attendance in Busan and online participation. The event will be broadcast live through ‘ACFM 2021 Online’, as well as the Busan International Film Festival’s official YouTube channel and Naver, and will be available for replay starting October 11 (Mon) through ACFM 2021 Online.
AFAA Official Website

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