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Busan Story Market 2022 Announces 30 Korean IP Selections!

  • 2022 .08 .22
  • 09:37

Busan Story Market 2022 Announces 30 Korean IP Selections!


Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2022, which has officially announced the launch of Busan Story Market, the world셲 first IP sales market, has unveiled 30 Korean IP selections from 24 companies.

201 projects from 70 companies were submitted during the Busan Story Market submission period. Total of 30 high quality Korean IPs, consisting of 7 books, 11 webtoons, 5 web novels, and 7 stories, with paramount potential for successful cinematic adaptation were selected as the final selections. As many recent IPs go beyond cinematic adaptation to be remade internationally, this year셲 selections are turning heads with a rich and diverse pool of projects that attempt to put a creative twist within their own prospective genre. Also, rise of historical, drama, and thriller genres was conspicuous.

The participation of returning noteworthy production companies, such as GOZKNOCK ENT, KYOBO BOOK CENTRE, STUDIO LICO, STORYWIZ, and TOYOU'S DREAM, as well as newly entering webtoon production and platform companies, such as KENAZ, WOOWA BROTHERS, and JAKGA COMPANY, has more than doubled compared to last year, further escalating the high expectations for Busan Story Market.

Furthermore, major institutions and companies, such as the Seoul International Book Fair, the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, the Korean Film Producers Association, are expected to actively engage in the market to conduct business meetings and copyright transactions this year.

The Seoul International Book Fair will set up an IP Center during Busan Story Market and provide business opportunities among companies. Such companies include Korea셲 major publishers with IPs possible for cinematic adaptation, such as DAEWON C.I., MUNHAKDONGNE PUBLISHING CO., LTD., MINUMSA PUBLISHING GROUP, EUNHAENGNAMU PUBLISHING CO., LTD., and CHANGBI PUBLISHERS are expected to participate as well. The Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency will introduce the IP content of webtoon artists based in Busan. Also, the Korean Film Producers Association will introduce its member companies previous projects, apt for domestic and international remakes, and further revitalize the IP sales market.

Film and audiovisual industry professionals can discover cinematic adaption possibilities of official Korean IP selections and meet diverse story IP lineups from various content providers through pitches and business meetings in the Busan Story Market 2022. ACFM 2022 will be held at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) from October 8th (Sat) to 11th (Tue).


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