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7 - 10 October 2023

Asian Contents & Film Market 2023

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Asian Contents & Film Market 2022 Launches 쁅estival Zone!

  • 2022 .09 .19
  • 11:22

Asian Contents & Film Market 2022 Launches 쁅estival Zone!


Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2022, which has been growing as Asia셲 largest film and audiovisual sales market, has organized 쁅estival Zone. A variety of projects and IPs discovered at the 5 Korean film festivals (The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, the Jeonju International Film Festival, the Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival, and the Busan International Short Film Festival) will be presented at the 쁅estvial Zone.


The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival셲 Goedam (Strange Tales) Campus, a creative support program for strange tales, will showcase 8 new creators strange tale projects at the Busan Story Market. The festival will also recruit participants for 쁗ork In Progress of 쁁.I.G (BIFAN Industry Gathering), a platform for genre films, as well as promote 쁃igital November for its XR Program, Beyond Reality, at the 쁅estival Zone booth.


The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival will announce the DMZ Docs Fund and the official selections of the DMZ Docs Pitch program for the 쁃MZ Docs industry, which is an industry platform that supports each stage of documentary production.


The Jeonju International Film Festival will show selections from its industry programs, which include the 쁉EONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition, 쁉EONJU lab, and 쁒oughCut Monitoring, and advertise next year셲 open call projects. The Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival and the Busan International Short Film Festival will also join the market. These 5 Korean film festivals will have opportunities for on-site meetings with officials from domestic and foreign film festivals and the film industry, and for the pre-promotion of their upcoming festivals in 2023.


쁅estival Zone is significant as it provides opportunities to further promote K-content and intermediates between domestic content and overseas industry officials. As expectations heighten from the global success of K-content, including Parasite (2019) and Squid Game (2021), ACFM is gathering expectation for launching 쁅estival Zone. ACFM will be held for 4 days from 8-11 Oct at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO).



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